Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun with the Middleton Kids!!!

 Avery (Thursday monring) helping with B so her Aunt Stacey could get ready for Bible Study in peace! I knew once Avery got here she would be a big helper! (& what a beautiful babysitter she is!)

 The rest of these pics are from our time at the Silvercreek Sportsplex enjoying all the bouncy stuff! Kenyon and Adia had a wrestling match!

Kaden and Gavin have been playing together pretty much non-stop.
The kids were wearing out my best helper!
 Adison is fun to take pictures of since she is quick to strike a pose for the camera (wish one of my boys would do this for me!)

 Adison is very nurturing to Kaden.

 I know you don't miss this little guy but isn't he cute!

 Adison was also a great baby helper at the bouncy place.

Adia doing her best with B who is anything but easy.
 We bounced and bounced until every last child was completely worn out! (including B who is about to fall asleep on this ball)

Wish I could type more for you Amy but all the kids are yelling to go swimming since they have been waiting for over an hour! Off for more fun!

P.S. - Thank you for trusting me with your precious kiddos! They have been wonderful and we are having lots of fun!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Father's Day in Santa Cruz

Daryn wanted to celebrate Father's Day at the beach. He played with the boys and did some relaxing as well. This was B's first trip and after he got used to the sand he was off and all over the place. DJ loves to conquer a good project at the beach (such as building mommy a wall to protect her and baby from the wind) while Gavin runs around with a dump truck most of the time filling it with all sorts of "treasures." The boys & I had a great time celebrating their awesome dad!

B is feeling the sand for the first time. He wasn't so sure at first but after a couple minutes he was off and scooting all over the place.

DJ and Gavin searching for sea shells together

Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet Cher

One barbado was not enough so my dad got another one. He has changed Barbados name to Sonny and the new one is Cher. In case you're wondering if he's going crazy . . . YES, HE IS! (I have blogged yet again about these creatures b/c Dad wanted me to send some more pics for the grandkids to see and it's easier to view them via the blog then as e-mail attachments. In case you were wondering what all this animal blogging was about! I've got to pay the rent somehow.) :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Crazy Dad

Here he is with his latest new pet--it's a Barbado (breed of sheep) This cute little thing was rejected by it's mama so my dad is bottle feeding it every 4 hours. He follows my dad around everywhere, it's really cute. Oh yeah, and he so "cleverly" named it Barbado.

notice where all the milk is going? (Gavin enjoyed being Papa's helper with the evening feeding)

Here he is with his other new pet as well (as of a couple weeks ago), a pot-belly pig named Elmer. Santa was good to my dad this year!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Baby B!
(This is a result of Daryn playing with my new Christmas present so I can't take credit for this cute shot of baby. The other boys weren't interested in being "test subjects" for the new camera. )

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Baby B!

Meet Brendan Lee Miller. (Middle name same as my dad and brother) We just call him Baby B.

The above 2 pics were taken last night. Baby B is now 8 weeks old & getting so big (he LOVES bathtime!)

Here are the big boys at the park today

Getting a cute pic of 3 little guys is not an easy task! (you can at least see that Baby has long narrow feet like his Moms)

"Mom, taking pictures is so painful!"

DJ is a great helper & LOVES being an even bigger big brother now. The other day B did something cute and DJ said "See Mom!!! Don't you see why I wanted this baby sooo bad!!!" He is always full of drama!

B is a couple weeks old here

The big boys love their sandbox (especially when we let them turn the hose on. Notice the boys have the wrong swimshorts on. DJ is in Gavins and Gavie's got DJ's on.)

Baby B only a few minutes old. He weighed 7lb.90z , 21 1/2 inches long and was born on Aug. 24th at 1:21am.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Children's Discovery Museum

After DJ painfully posed with Bob the Builder so his annoying mommy could take this picture he & Gavin were off for a fun-filled busy morning . . . First thing on the agenda was helping Bob build a fence! A task he took very seriously and stayed focused on for quite some time.
Gavin took on about 30 activities in the time it took DJ to build this fence. I had a hard time taking pictures of my busy boy. He loved pushing this wheel barrow around (for about 30 seconds). Then he was off to push buttons (He loved hearing Bob, Scoop & Dizzy talk to him so this lasted about 1 minute)
His favorite activity of the day was watching balls hover over this air machine. I Don't know how long he would have stayed here because this activity was very popular & we practiced sharing--a skill that needs alot of work right now. He loved the ball waterplay area as well!
Of course big brother loves the water area too!